Reconnection. Peace of Mind. Empowerment.

Rebekah Ives is a Psychic Medium whose ability to assist the deceased (human & animal spirit) to communicate with their loved ones, has helped many experience relief and a valuable sense of closure.

About Rebekah

Rebekah’s passion in life has always been to help others improve their lives and to help make their dreams and goals become reality. This desire to help others led her to train at the Holistic Studies Institute in New York, the Nation’s Premier Holistic Learning Center. Rebekah has found the path that allows her to help those who are willing and ready for change. By combining her psychic abilities, knowledge and practice of meditation, she is able to provide a unique approach to help others empower themselves and improve their lives.


Psychic Mediumship

Rebekah is a very compassionate Psychic Medium and is passionate about what she does. Her delivery is described to be like that of a close friend, gently helping to put a loved one at ease. She uses Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience combined with Psychometry to communicate with spirit to receive messages on your behalf. For most, Rebekah’s readings are nothing short of life changing; their minds opened, their ideas amplified, their view of existence altered, and their belief systems reshaped. But most important to Rebekah is the ability to help, to assist in and see realized the deep-seated peace that can be reached through the guidance of a higher power.

Animal Readings & Reiki

Rebekah is also a gifted Animal (telepathic) Communicator, and Animal Reiki Practitioner. She energetically and intentionally connects with the animal first. She then receives information in the form of thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensations in the body, sounds in the mind, emotions and sudden knowing’s. Rebekah has many clients who rely on her ability to communicate with their beloved animal companions. Many of us have been faced with the loss of a beloved animal through their death. Aside from the grief over the loss, many people also want to know what happens to their animal after they pass on. Some people are drawn to an animal communicator to verify that the animal is now at peace and to confirm that the right choice was made in helping their animal move out of their physical body.



  • "I have known Rebekah for 3 years. She has given me readings and I’ve also had  friends over for readings. She is amazing! All of my guests were floored by her readings and impressed enough to book additional sessions right away. Rebekah is very trustworthy and compassionate. She is the real deal!"
  • "I’ve been to psychics a few times, some ok, some not. I went to a party with no expectations and came out a true believer. Rebekah had knowledge about things that no one knew. She helped me see things in a different light. I met with her a second time and we spoke about past, present and future things and she hit the nail on the head over and over. I’ve introduced her to some friends who were skeptics and they came out true believers in what Rebekah does. She has a true gift."
    Christina M.
  • "Having a reading with Rebekah was excellent. She brought forth so much love, caring and understanding from the other side. It truly lifted me up from the depression I am dealing with. She was spot on with two women I most needed to hear from. Her passion for helping people with messages from the other side truly carries in her words. She is truly someone I would highly recommend."
    Laurie M.
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